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133 B Deagon Street Sandgate Brisbane 4017

Independent Art Gallery 
Catherine Reason Macauley
Ceramic Sculpture, Painting & Illustration

Catherine was born in Bundaberg and grew up living at Wartburg {Baffle Creek}, Mt Sylvia and Peachester until the family moved back to the family home in Brisbane. Now home is at Deagon on the Brisbane Northside


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Gallery Open

9 - 4 pm
Or Open by Appointment

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Sculpture, Painting & Illustration

"Celebrating Three Years" of Reason Gallery & continuing into the 4017 baysideopenstudios 
10am - 4pm

Sat 14th -Sun 15th
Mon 16th
Tues 17th
Wed 18th
Thurs 19th
Friday 20th
Sat 21st - Sun 22nd

Artist Talk
Sunday 15th
Saturday 21st
October 2023
Monumental Rain
The Glasshouse Mountains
The Mary River Cod
{One Foot over the border}
Exhibitions 2021
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The 'Queenslander" Exhibition is a celebration of one year of Reason Gallery and a quirky expression of being a Queenslander

Growing up everyone kind of just wanted to escape Brisbane and Queensland in general. Moving away was an expression of saying you made it big or you escaped .... well I did escape to Melbourne for only a brief time but found myself back here pretty quickly. So here is to embracing who and what I am in the best way that I can ....
Ni40ght & Day401401740177
Previous Exhibition that embraced my local Deagon, Sandgate, Shorncliffe and Brighton precinct including Redcliffe and Bribie Island ....
Alice Exhibition 2020
Alice In Isolation (1).jpg
Alice Chess Set.jpg

Alice in Isolation

A Portrait of Pink.jpg
Alice in Isolation (2).jpg

A Portrait of Pink

Alice & Dodo
Alice Chess Set

Alice Exhibition 2020 Gatakers Artspace and Under the Greenwood Tree Mt Tamborine

My Exploration into “Alice” emerged perhaps by Fortuous Concourse or so I believed.  In fact it was a dear friend of mine, who would most often say to me when looking at my body of  work , “Oh. it’s Alice” !! or, “Your girls so remind me of “Alice”” !! ….  And I’m like, “Oh I wasn’t doing Alice” !! or, “but she isn’t Alice” !! or, “I wasn’t meaning for her to be “Alice”” !!!! …. And yet it had been said by others ??  It was two years ago I had one solo sculpture at an Exhibition that I titled, “The Importance of Eating Your Carrots”.  She wore a large Crinoline skirt covered in carrots.  A woman and her elderly mum came running up to me excitedly declaring. “Your sculpture, she is so,  so Alice !!!!! And I’m like “Oh, but she just isn’t Alice” !!!!!!!!   Confused I still could not, did not, embrace the notion.

My next series of Girls I made, I sat and looked, and looked.  And all by my little self,  I had that moment of recognition, finally ….  I had the Red Queen, I had Alice with a bit of a harlequin skirt, I had a set 3 “Alice” girls, and more …. The two piece Kings and Queens I had made years ago came to mind. And no, I still had not done a Rabbit, nor a Mad Hatter, nor a Dodo Bird.   So out came the Rabbit, the Mad Hatter and the Dodo Bird and a Smiling Cat !!!!

Am pretty much seeing Alice everywhere by now. So when I saw Jennifer Mcduffs Rabbits on Instagram I naturally contacted her.  However, Jennifer did confess, they’re actually Garden Hares. And I thought “Well Jennifer they’re Rabbits now, and your’re going to do and Exhibition with me” !!!!!!

So as I pondered on my dear friend who much lamented “Alice” and figuring childhood imaginings then emerged a series of  Sculptures  “Alice Grows Up”.  And then emerged a series of Paintings that “A Portrait of Alice” 

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Reason Gallery 2.jpg
Ceramic Mermaid by Catherine Reason Maca

The Contessa of Cabbage Tree Creek

So first she did float down the passage of Ningi, in her inflatable Aldi dingi

Singing bits of downloaded songs, in long cotton shirt and rubber thongs

Having iphone plugged in her studded ears, she lay down to drift and shatter her fears

So loud were all the ramped up phonics, and hence ignoring Natures Sonics

And thinking then of her next drift, she GPS'd for her next lift

As such she thought of the Cabbage Tree Creek, there she would launch the 

very next week

So for this venture she did debit a tinny, and there adorned in bikini and mini

Letting down her sun bleached hair, the sight of chem trails filled the air

Through mystical mangroves that managed to last, and rubbish thrown from the not distant past

Down and down she did float, no longer attached to the tv remote

But as her thoughts did pass the day, a speed boat managed to come her way

The collision was, I'm told a blur, and who should know what did occur??

and told her life was rather sweet, from a single verse  they tweet

T'is "The Contessa of Cabbage Tree Creek"


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