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This is me

Catherine presents works as postures and poses modeled in clay with some exploration into mixed media.  In progression, her drawings have become her sculpture, and her poetry has become her explanation in an embellished fashion.

Ceramic Sculptor and Illustrator.  Her love of fairy tales, myths, legends, and that great illustrious art that accompanied their narration has so been an inspiration.  And the human figure; that ever changing parade of costumes and designs, fabrics, textures and colours.

Ceramic Heart Necklaces by Catherine Reason Macauley
Catherine Reason Macauley


Services & skills

Catherine is such a pompous name

for a girl without one ounce of grace

but such a pretty face


And with this name that's born to fame

a temperament that's all a frazzle

combined with legs to dazzle

She plays all day and calls it work

with pots and figures bought to life

from her imaginary world of strife

Such joy they give to those who view

most fitting for the window pain

that mud mad porcelain

While ear bashing with tales of woe

she somehow turns the discord of her heart

into well appreciated art

Now she and all her family with nothing else to do

and life a bore if someone doesn't take the bate

just adore to irritate

And this is just a sisters reply to poetry

that relieves the soul untold without a gin

about a girl called Catherine

                                       Janet (my sister)

                                       About 30 years ago

Catherine is a Brisbane based Award Winning Artist, who completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts majoring in Ceramics.  Art Prizes include the Matthew Flinders Art Exhibition, Bribie Island Clay Creations, The Blue Water Arts Festival and the Nundah Art Show for Painting & Sculpture ..​​.

Catherine Reason Macauley


I wake up in the morning

My sister makes me coffee

There's always sugar in the bottom

Because she doesn't stir it

But I don't really care

Because I don't make it 

It's that percolated stuff

We don't buy instant coffee

Because we're too good for that

But I don't really care

Because I don't have money

To buy myself instant coffee

So I know coffee at it's best

When there is sugar at the bottom

Lucas Reason age 16

(my youngest brother

Artist Narrative

Pottery, Poetry & Prose - a personal perspective

Cathy Reason_edited.jpg

I wrote this statement while I was studying art at college and still like to use is as a personal statement!  But that's nice in it's simplicity.  I don't think people are much interested in poetry now, we may get something loosely connected in a way of advertising ... and pottery?? Well we say ceramics now.

But really something innate tells me that few real cultures seem to exist or are fast becoming extinct.  We are left buried in sameness.  And much lingers in a form of patented fantasy induce history; a story not necessarily introspectively told, and ironically our commerciality is trying to recreate a state of grace.  A metaphoric and gigantic culture is manifesting before us and our identity is being merged into a false safety and unreal world of cyber.  Our children are developing not knowing what things really look like and experiencing anything that is real.  Our kinder upbringing is a little frightening!!  Typically we are not connecting with nature and we are tping toward a synthetic world and attaching ourselves to symbols that are more and more remove from what is real  ...  Oops

Catherine 2010

Cathy Reason_edited.jpg
Cathy Reason
Cathy Reason_edited.jpg

Princess & The Pea (My Verson)

Once upon a time, there was a most handsome Prince, who wanted to meet a real Princess.  But how to find a real Princess?  She searched the social hot spots, he searched the internet, he browsed facebook ... and found, no one matched his search.

Then one hot summer evening the weather machine had been programmed and a huge thunderstorm (it is Queensland) broke the sky.  All the city was disconnected from all that was used to control it.  There was flooding, and there was chaos.  And then someone knocked at the gates.  The Elderly King went and opened them.

Before the gate stood a Princess.  Or so she said (well not really a real one but would a potter do

instead ??}  Who had been out for a walk to contemplate all that was and is.  So lost in thought, she was not aware of those familiar but strange clouds.  And so here she was, soaked to the core.  But she was a real Princess ??

Though the Queen did a quick Google search it was hard to know for sure.  With fake profiles and all.

To find out soon enough, the Queen went to the bedroom and remade the bed.  The Princess would have to stay for the night as the web had crashed and there was major flooding.  One single pea she placed at the centre of the bed.  She proceeded to carefully place twenty organic bamboo mattresses layered over the pea.  This was a homegrown pea of course and not one from the plastics of the freezer bags so favourable today.  And this was the bed the Princess fell asleep on.

The next day the Princess was asked how she had slept ??

"Not well at all !!" she sighed.  Forgive me for saying there is a huge lump in the centre of the bed and I tossed and turned all night !!

So it was clear that this must be a real Princess or a poor wheel thrower (Pottery term Peoples).  Who could feel the pea under the twenty layers of mattresses.  Any other would not have noticed.

The Prince and the Princess became good friends and went out into the real world to choose between a Virtual Reality or a more Natural Existence.  Noting of course that one in three marriages end in divorce.  And everyone today can be a King or Queen, Prince or Princess and it doesn't really matter your type.  And Potters really don't make any money from their work no Prince or Prince ... sigh

And would you agree that this is a real Fairy Tale

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