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The Lady of the Coracle
Coracle being a small boat of wickerrwork covered with pitched canvas used by the Britons & still by the Welsh

T'was the journey she would chronicle, her searching for the Oracle

There she would voyage through the passage of time, looking for reason and versing in rhyme

Seeking the future told somewhere out there, and starting her journey without little care

At first she did travel in a straight line, and only the concept of that which is 'mine

Steering her vessel in the vain hope, with all going well she should stay afloat

Sometimes she floated and sometimes she steers, the doorway of choices opens up fears

To sail the firmament what did she learn? Thinking what's real was really not firm

Perhaps an illusion lost in the mist, but what one could find was really a twist

Inner chi, energy, what's with a word, all in the phonics, t'is really what's heard

So here did she wander, got caught in the net, the very first time, she knew water was wet


She saw that the weather was run by machine, and really in nature the best way to clean


Her Celtic, her Danish, was what gave her her looks, and life understanding was not found in books


And for all of her travels and the distance she made, she noticed the spiral, the colour, the shade


No longer paddling, she lets her craft drift, and finds that in fact the voyage takes a shift

She finds herself now, quite by surprise, seeing quite clearly, the feelings arise, she floats ....

That looking through the conacle, t'was she in fact, her Oracle??


... and yes

The Lady of the Coracle

Catherine (a couple of years ago)

Cernak, David & Galiath

Cernak, David & Galiath

One day they nearly dieth

In an upside down debarkle 

That did happen in a sparkle

As they seek to find the perfect cincture

For a watercolour tincture

Paddling through Hayes Inlet

They managed then to get so wet

The tide had changed, and then churned

And thus the kayak overturned

Catherine (10 years ago)

The Shorncliffe Pier
& how the old will dissappear

So here we have Ontology, toppled by Biology

Where should we have wood termite, that taunts and tests the human plight

To have a fishing spot to cast, a line that goes a small time past

A spot to grace a moonlight walk, or simply such a place to talk

Look out toward the far sea lining, where all the time the sun's been rising

We paint and contemplate the pose, from which this construction since arose

To have to "demoot" the Pier, to which the locals do hold dear

Bit by bit the wood got eaten, such a cause to hold a meeting

To the Shorncliffe Pier ... to past, and present, and a future time

 ... they laugh those Termite "Maritime"

Catherine (a couple of years ago)

Fishing Fabes
extended version

Fishing Fabes

Lost his pet fish

When patted from

Outside the dish


What Fabes had not yet understood

As far as nature goes,

Is that everything that lives and breaths

Has a place that nature chose

The fish they need the water

And crabs a little sand,

Birds they fly up through the sky

And cows prefer the land

Frogs they like damp places

Seagulls the like the beach,

Worms they love the dirt,

And snakes, well stay out of reach

Caterpillars munch on leaves

And butterflies do flutter round,

Possums like to stay in trees

And bandicoots burrow the ground

So when you see Gods creation

Fabes take some time to think,

Where these creatures love to live

And then give them a wink

Catherine (written like, 30 years ago)

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